Freedom of thought

I know. To even vaguely hint towards the faintest questioning of the fragility of democracy may dispel even the most virtuous freedom fighter into the shadows as a vile spokesman of anti-democratic forces.

But the fact of the matter is that democracy does have flaws. And the self-righteousness of leaders is one of the worst. The laissez-fair mentality of the ruled is worse. The stigmatization those who question the norm the worst.

Capitalism is flawed too, but its purpose – efficient use of capital – is clear, and the aim of its participants – profit – is well known. By this, capitalism is open and in its design rational, thus predictable.

The aim of politics should be to maximize individual freedom and minimize rules and restrictions. Instead, our chosen ones, with misguided benignity at best and corruption at worst, create asymmetric power structures that feed themselves and create ever more power to the government and ever less freedom to the people.

And as openness decreases, so does rationality, and away goes predictability. Until frustration grows to the point; until the individual can no longer breathe; restraints must break, and do.