Divine training field?

There are so many places on Earth that could use some of the ol’ ‘may God strike you down’. Corrupt and violent countries. Regions where drug wars pester the life of the little people. Places where people are oppressed.

Too many men and women have deserved to be struck by lightning, or at least get a good spanking of biblical proportions.

But no.

Our good lord chooses to practice his lightning-throwing capabilities at the Peace & Love Festival in Borlänge, Sweden, sending 17 to hospital.

The irony strikes like lightning.


Hard-earned drowning

It is so. If you’re going to drown yourself in quicksand, you really need to work for it.

It won’t suck you in, it won’t let you sink.

Once you’ve reached rock bottom, you know that your demise has been all your own doing.

I believe that congratulations are in order.