Who is Antoine Wilson Kluut?

Three quick questions from motvalls.nu to A. W. Kluut, author of The Bee Eater, the first short novel in an upcoming series of books about the Sovereigns of Cutwater Glen.

motvalls.nu: Who is Antoine Kluut?

Kluut: A. W. Kluut is on one hand a fly on the wall: An observer of events and listener to confessions, sort of a registrar of human nature. On the other hand he is a story teller with an inclination towards the absurd. Add a cynic and you’ve got dark stories wallowing in greed, stupidity and darkness. A picture of the world through shady glasses.

motvalls.nu: Are your books based on own experiences or actual characters?

Kluut: Should I really answer that question? Let’s put it like this: You will not find any of my characters or any of the events in my stories in the news papers. I don’t write accounts of so called real events. On the other hand, there is a lot going on in the world, behind closed doors, that never become public knowledge. So what is really the difference between fact and fiction?

motvalls.nu: So far, your only published book is The Bee Eater: Sovereigns of Cutwater Glen, which is quite open-ended. When can we expect the sequel?

Kluut: Obviously, the story about the “Douglases” does not end with the Bee Eater. That family has enough skeletons in the closet to last for generations so my ambition, provided that anyone is there to listen, is to continue to publish the story as events unfold…

* * *

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